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What is a complementary color?

In a quick and easy way we can say that the complementary color of another is the one that is at the opposite end or in front within the famous chromatic circle or color wheel.

We must mention that the opposite color of another can vary depending on the intensity or opacity of the color, that is, it is not the same complementary color for an intense blue as for a softer tone. For example, the opposite of royal blue is yellow, but for a shade of blue closer to cyan it would be an orange shade.

There are many models of the color wheel and depending on each one the complementary color is different, For example in the traditional model of the color wheel the opposite of yellow is violet while in the rgb model it is blue.

This difference is due to the fact that depending on the format it includes some colors or others, for example: the traditional one does not include the cyan color. In our Tool we use the rgb model, try it out and discover the complementary scheme of your favorite color.