mauve color schemes


Mauve color palette codes and combinations

The mauve color is part of the great variety of violet colors , it is very similar to the lilac color, differing by being a little lighter, it also has a similarity with the lavender color as you can see in the following comparison.

Differences between the color mauve, lilac and lavender

Mauve Monochrome Palette
Mauve Monochrome Palette
Lilac color
Lilac color
lavender color
lavender color

Ideas to combine the mauve color

mauve and gray
Mauve and gray color combination
mauve and blue
Mauve and Blue Color Palette
mauve and yellow
mauve and yellow
mauve and cyan
Cyan and mauve color combination
mauve and salmon
Mauve and Salmon Color Palette
mauve and gold
Mauve with gold